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Our Partners


Renato Maurício Porto Reis

Lawyer, Business Administrator, and Accountant

Master's in Accounting and Actuarial Sciences (PUC/SP), Accountant (PUC/MG), Business Administrator (PUC/MG), and Lawyer (UNIP/SP), with Specializations in Administration and Management (FGV/SP) and in Finance and Capital Markets (IBMEC/SP). Training instructor by Arthur Andersen, member of ANEFAC, CBAR, and APEJESP, and of the Marion Institute of Professional Excellence. Co-author and reviewer of the book "Accounting Standards and Practices - An Introduction" and of the dissertation "A Contribution to the Measurement of Internally Generated Goodwill". Engaged in accounting and tax expertise since 2003.

Felipe Teixeira Porto Reis

Lawyer and Accountant

Lawyer (PUC/SP) and Accountant (Trevisan/SP), with Postgraduate Studies in Tax Law (COGEAE PUC/SP), completed L.L.M in Tax Law and Corporate Law (INSPER/SP), with extension in Law and Economics (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland). Member of ANEFAC, CBAR, and APEJESP. Acted as a Professor in the Tax and Accounting Planning course at COGEAE-PUC/SP. Engaged in accounting and tax expertise since 2003.


Aline Gorrão da Silveira

Accountant and Lawyer

Master's in Accounting Sciences (FECAP/SP), Accountant (FECAP/SP), and Lawyer (UNIP/SP). Member of ANEFAC and CBAR. Professor in Postgraduate Studies in Forensic Accounting at FECAP/SP. Author of the dissertation "The Accountant Technical Assistant in Perceptions on Patrimonial Matters: Perception of a Group of Lawyers". Engaged in accounting and tax expertise since 2005.

Elisa de Aquino

Accountant and Economist

Master's student in Accounting, Controllership, and Finance (PUC-SP), Accountant (FIPECAFI), and Economist (UNESPAR).

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