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Our Firm

Leaders in forensic and accounting advisory services throughout Brazil.


With a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, we are internationally recognized for our technical excellence. For 15 years, our team has grown sustainably, providing effective solutions to a variety of challenges.


We operate with ethics and professionalism, offering essential services for dispute resolution in courts and in alternative methods such as arbitration and mediation. Our goal is to defend the interests of our clients through factual and technical evidence.

Porto & Reis History

We were founded on June 9, 2009, with the aim of transforming technical accounting evidence into an effective element for the defense of the theses embraced by our clients.


Our firm understands that evidence originates from facts that can be traced and identified by professionals who use accounting as a tool in their favor.


Our professionals have over 40 years of experience in accounting and tax areas, as well as experience in conducting the administrative and financial area of national corporations.


To be a partner in conflict resolution requiring technical analysis, turning evidence into solutions.


To be the first choice for forensic and accounting advisory services in Brazil.



Ethics and loyalty as premises;

Transparent and in-depth methodology;


Creativity to turn evidence into defense instruments;

Respect for institutional relationships and their limits;

Opportunity for growth and professional development for the team;

Respect for labor relations;

Creative, transparent, and didactic communication;

Gender equity;

Multidisciplinarity of talents; and

Respect for individuals, regardless of the role they perform.

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