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Areas of Practice


Accounting expertise in judicial, administrative, and arbitral proceedings

Porto & Reis stands out in accounting expertise in judicial, administrative and arbitration procedures, offering specialized services that are essential for resolving complex conflicts. In judicial proceedings, our multidisciplinary team uses advanced techniques to interpret and present accounting, financial and operational data, providing the judge with a solid base of technical evidence. This expertise is crucial for validating or contesting claims, quantifying losses, identifying fraud and unraveling intricate financial transactions, ensuring that justice is applied with precision and integrity.


In administrative and arbitration procedures, Porto & Reis plays an equally vital role. Our experts collaborate closely with attorneys and involved parties to provide presented analyzes that support decision-making in tax, tax and business litigation. The agility and accuracy of our expert reports are recognized in arbitrations, where dispute resolution requires speed and effectiveness. Our ethical and professional approach ensures that accounting evidence is presented clearly and objectively, contributing to the effective resolution of disputes and minimizing risks, reflecting the trust that our clients place in our expertise.

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