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Areas of Practice


Technical Assistance in Arbitral Proceedings

During an arbitral procedure, it is common for parties to request the Arbitral Tribunal to produce expert evidence to demonstrate their reasons or arguments. Due to the inherent flexibility of arbitral procedures, expert evidence can be conducted in various ways, such as with the appointment of an expert by the Arbitral Tribunal, where the parties then appoint technical assistants, solely through the production of Technical Opinions by the parties, including Counterposed Technical Opinions, as well as other possible formats, such as the use of the Sachs Protocol.


Regardless of the format of the expert examination to be carried out, our professionals are capable of conducting expert work, enabling the technical work to be conducted with the impartiality and seriousness that each case requires. In this circumstance, we act as Technical Assistant to one of the parties, as Independent Experts, when issuing a Technical Opinion of an Accounting Nature, as well as Experts of the Arbitral Tribunal.


We also act in cases as negotiated business specialists hired by the parties, by consensus, even before an arbitral procedure is constituted to present solutions, for example, for disputes arising from Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) contracts, Equity Determination, Economic-Financial Rebalancing, among other types of cases.

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